Department Overview

The faculty of Jnana Jyothi Degree College is committed and enthusiastic, with a great mix of experience and freshness. They are highly qualified and work hard to keep their knowledge, abilities, and credentials current so that they can pass along the most recent information to the pupils. They are wholly dedicated to advancing their pupils' wellbeing, both academically and generally, both as individuals and as a team.

Sl.No Faculty Name Qualification Department
1 Smt. Sushma D M.Com Commerce & Management
2 Smt. Asha B L M.Com, NET, KSET Commerce & Management
3 Sri. Anil Murthy V M.Com Commerce & Management
4 Dr. Kanthamma H K M.Com, MBA, M.Phil, Phd, KSET Commerce & Management
5 Sri. Hithesh Chandra C M.Com Commerce & Management
6 Smt. Rashmi K A M.Com, PGDCA Commerce & Management
7 Smt. Shobha K A M.Com Commerce & Management
8 Miss. Divyashree B U M.Com Commerce & Management
9 Smt. Yogitha H L MCA Computer Applications
10 Sri. Girish M MCA Computer Applications
11 Smt. Ranjini N MCA Computer Applications
12 Miss. Priyanka M MCA Computer Applications
13 Smt. Simantini Kulkarni M.A English English
14 Sri. Hanumantharayappa C M.A English, B.Ed English
15 Smt. Ranjini K S M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil Hindi
16 Sri. Rangashamaiah K R M.A, NET, M.Phil Kannada
17 Sri. Ramesh M M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil, KSET Kannada
18 Sri. Kashappa M.A Kannada Kannada
19 Sri. Murali D B.Ed, M.Lisc, KSET Librarian
20 Sri. Raghu R M.PED Phycical Education Director
Sl.No Name Designation
1 Tanuja S Accountant
2 Greeshma J Accountant
3 Santhosh Lamani Accountant
4 Mohan Kumar R University Correspondent
5 Naveen S P Lab Assistant
6 Dhanlakshmi Attender
7 Hemavathi Attender
8 Sujatha Aaya
9 Mahadevi Aaya
10 Sangappa D Aaya
11 Muniyappa Aaya
12 Meena S Aaya
13 Lalitha Aaya