Support Facilities



JJDC has well-furnished canteen with well-maintained hygienity. The objective of the Canteen service is to provide good and healthy food to all with proper sanitary conditions, and preventing adulterated food. The canteen is located inside the College. The students who come from faraway places, can utilize the canteen facility. Students and staff of the College are benefited by the College canteen.

Clinic Facility

The physical and mental well-being of the student and staff are given prime importance. Various measures are undertaken to ensure their care and welfare.

A well-equipped clinic room with a visiting doctor is present within the premises of the college. As a result, the college is able to provide immediate medical assistance to students in case of an emergency. Health cards containing the medical history of all students are maintained. Students are also welcome to approach the clinic for free health check-ups anytime.

  • A medical officer Dr. Giriyappa is available on campus twice in a week and on need basis.
  • First aid amenities are available in for students and staff.
  • Retiring room facilities.
  • Awareness programmes on healthy practices.
  • General health camps are organized by NSS.
  • Awareness programmes on women health are organized by Women Empowerment Cell.
Lift Security

Lift & Security

We have elevator available for quick and simple movement between the college’s various floors. Students with disabilities and staff members can utilize the elevator.

Students and Visitor’s passing through the gate are observed by security personnel. Our campus has CCTVs placed to keep an eye on all activity.