Covid-19 Update

Our institution has trained the staff and students undertake the work related to prevent an outbreak of the pandemic in their campus. The students should be allowed in campus only after thermal scanning, sanitization of their hands, wearing of face masks and gloves.

In case of symptoms such as cold, cough, fever, headache, breathing difficulty, vomiting sensation, diarrhoea or loss of taste or smell please visit the nearest clinic, the list of which may be found in the following website of Government.

An effective measure for prevention of COVID 19 includes:

  • Wearing facial mask in campus all the time
  • Physical distancing of more than one meter
  • Frequent hand wash/sanitizing
  • Not more than 4 persons to be seated together at the tables
  • Restricted number of persons in the elevators as indicated by the sign ages
  • Avoiding gatherings and crowds in and outside the campus

Covid-19 Covid-19