The students get exposure to the world of software and technologies through a computer lab fully equipped with over 40 computers of the latest configuration. The Computer Laboratory has networked computers with the latest hardware configuration. Additionally, the students interact with technology intelligently and seamlessly, with easy access to the latest software and updated hardware. Our students are packed with knowledge of Windows as well as Unix operating systems. Internet access is given to all students during their practical hours and whenever demanded during college hours.

Digital Classroom

Business Lab

A dedicated business lab for the benefit of staff and students has been initiated in the main building to develop global competency and keep them updated with recent practices in the business world. The Business Lab provides practical exposure to the processes and procedures followed by organizations in conducting commercial practices. The lab provides practical orientation to students by using the subject syllabus with practical training in the lab. The Business Lab is equipped with the latest teaching aids such as projector, video camera and Laptop. Charts, Models, Magazines prepared by students are displayed for the benefit of all. Again, an all-out effort is being made to equip the laboratory with the latest gadgets. The Business Lab is also used for interaction with peers from other institutes. Students also participate in group discussions, interviews, presentations, etc. arranged here from time to time. The lab’s membership and facility come at no extra cost for the students and staff of JNANA JYOTHI DEGREE COLLEGE. With the Business Lab, the college aims to stress the importance of practical application of knowledge gained through theory among students and faculty.

Business Lab

As an institution at the forefront of knowledge enrichment and dissemination, catering to the academic needs of over 500 students, the business lab has put in place enormous knowledge resources. A well-equipped, state-of-the-art lab with updated technology is one of the college's strongest assets. Practical sessions provide authentic and current knowledge for every budding entrepreneur. The college takes pride in its labs, which harbor favorable conditions for personal growth, research, and social progress. The maximum number of graduate students who return for post-graduation itself is evidence of the quality of labs that the college offers.

The business lab is located on the 3rd floor, room 306, of the new building.

The business lab also offers online databases and internet resources that help with project and research work. Trained and experienced teaching staff assist the students with point-of-use instructions and help fulfill their thirst for knowledge. The business lab provides an environment that is both stimulating and relaxing for academic exercise.

Objectives and Activities

  • To improve reasoning and analytical abilities of the students
  • To create more interest among the students on the subject
  • To make the students aware of availability and applicability of commerce documents for their day to day routine purposes
  • To equip the students with practical knowledge and develop entrepreneurial abilities to start own business or to get employment in the competitive job market
  • To prepare the students to fulfill the requirements of industry and business
  • To provide online entry forms/IT Returns through power point presentation
  • Preparation of Charts, Models, News Letters by students for display
  • Group Discussions on current issues
  • Interaction with peers from other institutions
  • Conduct of mock annual general meetings
  • Display of latest information in the notice board
  • Providing valuable information on career prospective
  • Showing online stock exchange
  • Organizing exhibitions
  • Conduct of quiz competitions, poster competitions and innovative competitions
  • Celebration of Commerce Lab Day
  • Conduct of Practical tests
  • This Business Lab is used for B. Com, BBA and M.com Students for their overall development

The Commerce and Management departments of Jnana jyothi Degree College has business lab. The idea behind the business lab is to inculcate knowledge and need-based work skills so that the graduates of the college find themselves prepared for employment and self-employment avenues as and when required. In order to accomplish this task we have incorporated practical aspects of the subject so the students may involve in experiential learning which is vital in present business world.

The Business Lab foresees the dream of bringing the finance avenue closer to students by having the below given programmes.

  • Mock Trading Sessions for all commerce students
  • Access to Live broadcast of Business news channels
  • Discussions on share market trends with members
  • Screening of stock trading shows
  • Stock trading competition in association with Bank of Baroda
  • Sessions on investment literacy for non-commerce students

Business Lab Activities in association with National Stock Exchange, Students provided online trading practices.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • E-Marketing
  • Taxation
  • Stock Exchange
  • Higher Studies
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Digital Display Board
  • Online Filling of it Forms, Banking Challans etc
  • MoU with related institutions
  • A Report on Challan Filling activity for Commerce Students
  • A Report on Competitive Exams
  • A Report on Workshop on e-Filing of Income Tax Returns

M.Com CS Lab

The facilities as well as learning resources at JJDC- PG Centre are matchless. Our Laboratories provide ample avenues for competitive and skillful activities. The Computer Lab and information center combine the information provision skills of our staff with IT expertise to place our wisdom to facilitate the learning experience of our students and the teaching and research needs of our faculty.

M.Com Comp Lab M.Com CS Lab

The two computer laboratories are provided with 22 systems each, supported with two servers - windows operating system as well as UPS for power back up. Which will be exclusively used for enhancing practical skills among students through curriculum and add-on programs like Tally Prime with GST, SAP, and Advanced Excel.